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(X-rated) August 1, 2015:
I had a really sudden urge to go to Denny’s today. I kept thinking about it, so eventually I just drove there and arrived around 3am.
Trent was outside talking to some people. He saw me and gave me a hug. I just kept thinking to myself, Of course he’s working tonight, when I haven’t showered in three days.
I went inside, sat down and he started flirting with me and said, “I wish I took you down for that skinny-dipping offer.”
I let out a few giggles. He was so hot. I loved watching him stand over me and serve me. I would catch myself fantasizing about having sex with him.
I eventually got up after I ate and was walking to my car and saw him smoking with a couple of people. I told him I was going home because I needed to get some rest.
He quickly says, “Just sleep in dining room four.”
I casually responded, “Nahhh.”
Then, he fucked me slowly with his eyes and told me to stay. I was a sucker for his ‘sex eyes,’ so I ended up going to dining room four, and he eventually came.
He told me how he had always fantasized about having sex at work and how it was a perfect opportunity to do so. We were both immediately down. We went through the back door of the kitchen and without hesitating started eating at each other’s faces.
We began feeling one another up…unzipping and unbuckling each other. He was immediately hard. I was breathing heavily as he had me pushed up against the corner of the wall. He turned me around and stuck his thick cock in my pussy, fucking me doggy style against the wall, holding my hair while he penetrated me. He came inside of me without my permission, then I sucked his dick for a few seconds and we went at it again. He came again almost instantly.
It was super hot, especially because Trent was always a huge fantasy of mine. I always found him sexy in his work outfit. And the fact that he took a chance and fucked me while on the clock was all that much hotter.
Right after we finished, I said, “Get me a Coke.”
He goes, “I’ll bring it right out.”
I don’t know why I said that. I don’t even drink Coke.
I left without saying goodbye. It was funny. I found I had sex with these ‘fuck buddies’ very easily, yet when it came to people I truly liked I tremendously enjoyed learning how to kiss them and going through all those ‘awkward mistakes.’
Tomorrow, I fly out to Hawaii. Maybe going there will be good for me. Maybe I’ll learn how to move past this addictive feeling and maybe I’ll begin to understand why I have this emotional distance towards men.