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August 2, 2015:
I officially boarded the plane to Hawaii. I had to cut through the security line to make it in time. My Dad told me to act scared and confused so that way they would let me through. It worked, except I was honestly scared and confused. I was just nervous because it was my first time doing this all alone—traveling. But once I got through, I smiled as I walked toward my gate… I felt like a badass.
I was honestly incredibly proud of myself for traveling all the way to Hawaii alone. All the adults laughed at me and said there wasn’t any reason I should be scared, but hey, there was a first time for everything. It could all be overwhelming at first—all the people, all the signs, all the fast movement—but in the midst of it all, I just had to smile.
*several hours later*
Wow… I officially arrived on the island… on the farm. Words cannot grasp this. It has been a dream come true. It’s everything I’ve always wanted. The place I’m staying at is so natural. Everything is non-GMO. People can be NAKED here. Everyone is straight up love. It’s just a dream come true. It’s something indescribable.
I couldn’t tell if a lot of people here were high or cracked out. They were all really friendly and all, but most of them either sounded really high or as if they were tripping on acid. I already knew that I was going to lose a shit load of weight here because all I would be eating was fruits and veggies. And EVERYONE IS SO DOWN TO DO NAKED YOGA!