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August 3, 2015:
I was hanging out with Vadim and his friend. Vadim is a healer. I watched as he helped all the friends that entered his camp. There was a 17-year-old girl who got some sort of disease on her feet and they were all yellow. He healed her with an oxygen concoction that he made. He kept the spray bottle between the cushions of his couch. Then, a guy came in with a super infected eye and Vadim also healed him. Vadim tells me that he has been doing this illegally and that the government knows his oxygen concoction can heal. It was illegal because the government couldn’t make money off of sick people.
“I’m going to keep healing people the natural way until I get arrested,” Vadim says.
Then, he began to heal his friend energetically and the connection I felt between the two of them was superb. Afterwards, we decided to go to his friend’s house in an area called Kalapana. On the way there, we stopped at a place called the warm ponds and boy, was I in bliss mode! The pond gathered the ocean’s currents and I was able to feel certain warm spots. It collected volcanic sand and fishies! Vadim’s friend provided me with snorkeling equipment and even gave me a reflexology treatment on my feet. I truly could not have asked for anything better.
Later, I got introduced to this brown fruit in the shape of a circle about the size of a quarter. When I cracked it open, it had a clear juicy thing inside. Then, I got offered a deep red and lime green spiky fruit that had the same thing inside and I even got to try a coconut for the first time! Also, I discovered that passion fruit is my favorite fruit.
After the warm ponds, we stopped to look at some waves because I was begging them to. It was so powerful. The waves would crash against the rocks. Man, I had no idea it would be this easy to live without my phone.
So then we drove to this dude’s house, and GUESS WHAT?! He lived on LAVA! Straight up lava. He was surrounded by what appeared like frozen black waves. It was the most incredible sight. I resonated so much with the place that something was calling me out to live there. The view was breathtaking. There was lava everywhere and in the horizon was the ocean where I could see the waves crashing amongst the rocks. On the right and left of the horizon were jungles and forests. When we sat on his balcony, the wind was hitting us with a rejuvenating force. He let me meditate while holding his crystals. The energy there was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.
You know what question kept popping into my mind: Why are they all afraid? Everyone back in my hometown. I kept wondering. People only think they need to work these shitty jobs to have a lifestyle that they think they will enjoy, but won’t. I just didn’t get it. And as I was here in Hawaii, I realized that I, too, was afraid to some extent. Afraid of other people’s judgments, afraid of stepping out of my own comfort zone. And being here, I kept thinking, There’s nothing to be afraid of. It put a smile on my face when Vadim told me I was easy to get along with.