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August 4, 2015:
Can life get any more swell? I have been really contemplating on staying here. I have been learning so much and it’s only the beginning. This place is a dream and I would be 100% okay with never going back. I’m falling more and more in love with this place. I’ve always only fantasized these sort of places and seeing it open before my eyes. Just wow. Coming from the mainland (or painland as they call it) this really is a dream in comparison. All the connection. All the love. All the non-judgment.
I’m currently listening to the pitter patter of the rain and sitting on a couch that just allows you to sink. I’m falling more and more in love with this place each day.
Right now there’s a family party. A lot of guests are coming in. I’ve been feeling in a dream ever since I became awakened. It’s something I cannot explain. This beautiful girl is resting her beautifully hairy legs on me as she absorbs the beauty of life, or should I say, as we absorb it.
I cannot put into words how beautiful everything and everyone is… the vibe here… how could I ever want to leave? Is it wrong that I don’t want to teach yoga? I want to do EVERYTHING, but especially with nudity. Why inform people only through naked yoga? I can inform people through art, and through my presence. I feel so free being naked. It’s encouraged and welcomed. My naked yoga is ENCOURAGED. These people here help motivate me. They support me. They show me what courage is.
I tried a jackfruit today! It was the flavor where juicy fruit gum came from.
I can’t help but stare at people. One of my favorite things in the world is to watch human connection. I enjoy observing beauty. There is a drum circle happening at the moment and they’re singing a version of “Rivers of Babylon”. I feel like I’ve known these people all my life. I feel like I have found my long lost brothers and sisters and the question still ponders my mind.
What was I so afraid of?
What is everyone so afraid of?
I’ve been learning about zodiac signs in astrology. It never really interested me before, but I’m trying to stay open minded about it. I’m actually quite curious. Quite curious about a lot of things! I can’t help but smile when I’m in such paradise.
Today, this girl did a Reiki treatment on me, and I, once again, cannot describe with words what I felt. She gave me an energetic treatment, bringing me into my chakras. She started singing and it was right there that I realized I wasn’t being courageous back home. I always want to sing and dance, and really feel myself, but I always held myself back… Why?