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August 6, 2015:
I’ve been getting this deep knowing that this is where I’m going to live once I’m done traveling the world. I just know. Do you know what’s even greater?
When I offer people food here, they ask, “Is it GMO? Raw? Organic? Gluten free?“
I’ve always dreamt of this world.
I had the most profound experience just minutes ago. I felt like sending out love, so I ran to my bed, put my headphones in and grabbed my malachite stone, clasped it in my right hand, and immediately felt a burst of energy. My arm started shaking. I felt my heartbeat deepen. I began to close my eyes tightly, trying to control the energy and eventually I just surrendered. Once I calmed, I visualized myself giving a hug and kiss to my loved ones. The visualization was strong. I thought of my family, seeing each individual and just going in for that real hug. By the end of this, I felt the energy building and building; I visualized myself sending love to the rest of the world. The energy was building, building, building, and then BAM! I felt the energy release as my shut eyes began to water, and all of the hairs on my body shot out of my skin! And I mean EVERYWHERE! It felt like I was having an orgasm. An orgasm of loving energy. I had to take a deep breath after that experience. What an incredible feeling to give.
I haven’t been able to stop saying “life is good”. I love all the background things here. The sound of the coqui frogs after sunset. The smell of Hawaii in the air and the dampness in the air.
You know, it all makes sense now. They say parents usually have rebellious children because the kids feel unloved and want to be noticed, but that was definitely not the case for me. I felt loved by my parents fully. The reason I felt rebellious was because I knew that life wasn’t supposed to be lived with rigid rules and the mind’s idea of ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ I was rebellious because I wanted to show people that life was not meant to be so black-and-white. Life was meant to be an adventure. The world was meant to be explored.
Do you know what’s also awesome about this place? Everyone can do whatever they want. Nobody wears bras and underwear. It’s encouraged to be naked. It’s alright if you have dirt under your fingernails and so what if you have hairy armpits and legs. There are times when I hear my mom‘s voice in the back of my mind just nagging me but it quickly fades.
I like how I also have many different names here.
Every time someone asked for my name, I would say, “It doesn’t matter, call me whatever you want.”
I’ve been called Yoga Bear, Naked Yoga Girl, The Naked Chick, Nips, Forest Fairy, Agua, and Girl with the Diamond Nipple Rings. I love them all.