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(X-rated) August 7, 2015:
I woke up early and asked some friends if they wanted to go check out Volcano National Park and if they also wanted to go to the black sand beach. Everyone was down so we began to hitch. We got to Pahoa town and ate some breakfast. We shared thoughts about how excited we all were to live the rest of our lives. The journey has only just begun.
Katie saw some friends and talked with them and told us they would be down to take us to the black sand beach or somewhere near it because they had a big truck and were heading down that way. We were all down with whatever. It didn’t matter what we would decide to do. We were just vibing off one another. So, we decided to just go with them. I called my brother as we waited for them to get everything situated and I felt so glad. It was so nice to hear his voice and I appreciated the conversation. I couldn’t help but smile. He told me to send him and the family a postcard, and man, he actually wanted to listen to how I was doing and I just really appreciated it.
So then we all introduced ourselves. There were 10 people total, including me. We all got in the truck, and at first I wasn’t talking much. I was simply becoming one with the wind and observing these new friends. They all had their own unique beautiful vibe.
We cruised to Hilo and decided to all meet back at the car in one hour. Most of us went to this very mini black sand beach. It felt so freaking easy to just vibe to each moment. I walked on the curb. I felt the breeze. I kissed the earth with my feet.
We arrived back to the car and everyone was so excited to go to the beach, but when we got there nobody wanted to swim because there were a lot of rocks. I said screw it, ripped my shirt off, quickly put on my bottoms, and went into the water! The waves were just pulling me in. After I played with the ocean, I dried off, got dressed and chilled on the log for a little bit. I noticed I got a cut on my foot because it stung a little, but I played it off. Mostly everyone eventually went to get smoothies and I was chilling with Brett. I eventually started climbing lava walls because I’ve been feeling like a child and just wanted to explore!
Then we all got back to the car, we started driving and goddamn man. I couldn’t get over how blissful it felt to sit in the back of a pick up truck, drop my head back and just take the wind. We stopped at a gas station because they wanted to pick up beers and ciders.
Afterwards, we cruised to this place called Rainbow Falls. The place was beautiful.
This guy Dean goes, “Let’s jump over the waterfall NAKED!”
My eyes grew huge and I shouted, “YES!”
But there was no way we could jump off it because we would die. I enjoyed paying attention to how we all shared similar thoughts. They all appreciated the beauty of nature and its majestical ways.
Someone would say, “I love watching one stream of water reach down to the bottom of the waterfall and just burst back up with this unbelievable, powerful energy!“
And we would just be nodding our heads in agreement, in awe, acknowledging that we all shared similar thoughts.
So then I went to explore a different view of the waterfall. When I walked up the stairs, there was a GIANT tree. It looked like a tree made of roots! A MONKEY CLIMBING TREE! And so I started climbing it, because why not? It was one of the best trees to climb! Easy to grip and it was clean! No dirt or spiderwebs. Eventually the entire group met up there and once again, we just easily vibed off one another.
Someone asked, “You guys want to find a spot where we can swim?“
And we were all like hell yes! So, we wandered into the forest, but it was a dead end into this murky pond, so we tried finding a spot to go around it, but there was a fence, so they drove us to a different spot where we could swim. The place closed at six. We hopped the fence and tried finding a place to swim. There was a waterfall section far back that we were trying to get to, but the only way we could get there was to either swim to the other side or to walk through the middle of the jungle. We chose the second option and hiked it. I loved it! We made our own path, and the group was great, no one complained. Everyone just flowed. Eventually, we got to a dead end.
We just flowed with it and decided to swim where we were first at before we began hiking. So we made our way back down and we all jumped in the water and swam to a nearby rock. We shared each other’s company and then a couple of people wanted to take us somewhere to look at the sunset. So, we swam back and got dressed just in time because it started raining!
So then, another road trip! We drove for a good hour and a half. On this road trip I found out we were actually going to go see the tallest mountain which was known as Mauna Kea! We were driving INTO the clouds, and eventually OVER them! It was insane! We were all hypnotized by the beauty. So we got there and began to run up the mountain because we wanted to catch the sunset and eventually we walked up the hill and then eventually we were panting. I felt so out of shape. It was like a dream come freaking true. I’m still in shock thinking about it. To be honest, it didn’t even seem real. It didn’t even feel as though it happened because it was that dream-like. Our group gathered and they began to light a bowl, so I was like hell yeah, I’ll smoke on top of the tallest mountain, and yes, it was the best high I felt. I kept flirting with Brett. I could tell there was a bit of sexual tension.
Eventually, we made our way back down and this guy gave me a warmer shirt to change into and both Brett and Dean just stared at my tits.
Dean goes, “Thank you for blessing my shirt.”
So, I sat kind of close to Brett and he asked, “You down to be my cuddle buddy for the ride?”
And from there I knew the flirting would progress, and progress it did. I laid on top of him, and we all watched the sky turn darker and darker, until eventually, we could see the Milky Way in the galaxy. Once again, I was put in such a deep trance that none of it seemed real. The moment was so perfect. It was so perfect that my finite mind could not appreciate such infinite things.
So, during this trip, our cuddle sesh turned into a hook up. Each time the car turned a little bit or hit a bump, I would push my butt into his crotch and vice versa. I would hear him moan. Eventually, he fingered me over my pants. I also was finding that hard to comprehend because it happened so fast. But his confidence game was super sexy.
So, we eventually got to a hostel! My first ever hostel! Now I knew what they were all about! I chilled in my room, put my things down and then we went to the kava bar. It was so cute because Brett spilled kava all over the table and then it was even cuter because he drank from the wrong side of the cup when they brought him a new one and spilled some on his shirt. I learned that you’re supposed to drink kava really fast in order to feel an effect, not just sip it.
So then I went to get a pizza and Dean followed. Dean followed me a lot. I couldn’t tell if he was into me or if he just had nothing better to do. So, I ate a delicious pizza and got back to the hostel. Talked to Amy a lot and eventually Brett came to join us in girl talk. After that ended, I left and he followed. We went to smoke a bowl. He found a spot for us on the roof underneath the stars and we smoked and I got too high. Too high to the point where I felt like I was tripping and I knew he was in the same boat because he was doing and saying some pretty weird shit. He was like sniffing me and shit.
At one point I said, “Sorry if my hair smells like waterfall.”
He replied, “No, I like it. It smells like pheromones.”
Then our conversation got really deep. He mentioned the scars on my arms and told me I was a tough chick.
Then, he says, “It’s very clear that you love yourself and that’s the sexiest thing you can do,” he paused and continued, “you don’t look like a girl who would have nipple piercings. You come off so innocent, but then, when I mention jumping naked off a waterfall, everyone was kind of just like ‘yeah, I guess I’ll go,’ but you were like ‘FUCK YES.’ That’s really attractive that you’re down for all this rebellious shit.”
I could tell he was digging me. He gave me a back massage and then we started talking about intuition and how important it was to trust and follow it and it was dope because then he got up and went in for a kiss. I remembered the thoughts I was having inside my head. I kept thinking, Let’s get this over with. Let’s make this quick. Eventually after kissing, we went back down to get some water. Then, we went searching for a spot and ended up outside somewhere in a jungle and he grabbed a chair and things began to get hot and heavy. He placed me on there and we started feeling each other up. I gave him a blow job. He had a nice dick. He sucked on my tits and eventually we began to bang. Then, we did my favorite position (legs on his shoulders). Then, we did my favorite position on the ground. Then, I did some of the work on top and he came almost immediately and very intensely. He told me he couldn’t hold it any longer. He also told me I was easily the best he’s ever had. Then, he kept complimenting me on how sexy I looked as I was standing naked before him.
First, let me say I was hard-core ignoring my intuition, and the thoughts I was having. Secondly, I noticed I didn’t like to get too intimate when I was just ‘fucking’ somebody. I didn’t make a lot of eye contact. I didn’t kiss. I kept it strictly penis and vagina. I felt more and more numb each time I just fucked somebody. So, after all that jazz, I went to bed. There was no blanket, so I went to bed really cold!