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August 8, 2015:
I woke up in a plank position with my hands in my crotch because it was so cold. Then, Amy and I decided to go to the emergency room to get my foot checked out. Apparently I scratched my entire foot on the bottom and dirt got in it. No panic. Never panic.
When I was at the ER, I told the woman, “Thanks for taking care of me.”
She said I had very good manners and that my mother would be proud of me. When I was there, she just had me wash my foot with soap and water and then the doctor told me that I should take antibiotics just in case, but I refused (I knew the body could heal).
I kept thanking Amy for coming because I didn’t enjoy dragging people into my shit.
After we left the room, the police officer was like, “I’ll show you the way out.”
And as I was walking, I thought to myself, I don’t have to pay? So, we just left and I took in the wonder of how beautifully the universe planned things.
We went to get breakfast with the group, had some wonderful conversations, and at one point I commented on Brett’s french toast not being soggy enough and he goes, “That’s gross.”
“No man,” I said, “I have to soak my cereal for at least 20 minutes before I eat it.“
Everyone had disgust on their faces.
Amy goes, “Nooo, you’re one of THOSE people.”
After we ate, we all chilled out for a bit. Being with these people truly felt like a dream come true. The moments in the car, the moments sitting on the hard concrete, feeling each other’s vibes. We ended up all entering a crystal shop and all got free massages from the lady!
Dean goes, “What an awesome group of hippies we are. We’re supposed to return the hostel key, but instead, we all stop in a crystal shop.“
After that, we ran into a box of baby ducks outside of a shop and we all played with them cutely.
Dean picked one up and asked, “Have you guys ever ate a duck?”
He asked it all casually and we all just died in laughter. Such free spirited people, man. Then we got back in the truck and Amy decided it would be awesome to have an energy circle, so we were all like hell yeah! I passed around gems and crystals I bought, and we all connected hands. So grateful for those moments. Especially those kinds of moments.
I felt as if I’ve been rolling on ecstasy and it has been too high of a peak, almost overwhelming. The past few days being in Hawaii, I’ve been feeling as though I overdosed on bliss. It has been beautiful, but also overwhelming.
I felt like a changed person after that experience. I have changed. I already know that when I come home I’m going to be crazy as heck. I’m going to be naked and I’m going to give people deep hugs. I’m going to give myself my all. Not for anyone else.