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August 12, 2015:
I can honestly say I am so proud of myself. I started teaching naked yoga at Cinderland. I feel like I’ve been watching my dreams unfold before my eyes. I’ve gotten a lot better also! I could feel what would feel good for my students. I liked to change some postures mid class so I could do something that would feel better and the support I got was absolutely remarkable. My friends hugged me after class, thanking me. Amy told me I was the best yoga teacher. Jezuz supposedly had been more calm and zen because of my classes. I received so many compliments, yet it was hard for me to accept because it didn’t feel like it was me guiding the class.
I am happy. I can truthfully say that I am happy at this moment. It’s funny. It feels as though I found this place before. It feels as though I have lived here before. Everything feels so natural. So second nature. When I got here, I got the sudden feeling as though I was saying “I’m back“ or “home, we meet again.“ What a fascinating phenomenon. I’ve been feeling energies and vibrations so much stronger.
Later at night, we went to Uncle Roberts, a gathering of the community at Kalapana with music and vendors. I saw a guy selling an awesome glass octopus bowl. I told the guy selling them that I would want one, I just wouldn’t want it to break in my luggage. He told me he could ship it out.
So, I began to write my address, and I smiled and asked, “Actually, would you mind mailing this out to a guy I like?“
He smiled and told me to write his address down instead and so I did. I’ve been running so low on money. I just wanted to make him smile.