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August 21, 2015:
I took a journey while tripping on Ayahuasca. I don’t feel like the same energy I once was. My life feels as though it has shifted in consciousness. I felt God working through me. I understood energies, patterns and sacred geometry. I noticed I wasn’t letting myself vomit because it felt like I was protecting my ego; I was scared but when I vomited, it didn’t feel physical, but rather felt as though I was releasing old habits, fear and irrational thought. I took my journal and allowed the Universe to write through me and here’s what I discovered:

1. The music on this planet does not compare to the music of the universe. The music of the universe sings in patterns and vibrations.
2. Be thankful for your body. Treat it with love and care and it will reciprocate that right back.
3. You are the ENTIRE universe.
4. Just do it. Stop second guessing yourself with your thoughts.
5. Breathe.
6. Relationship problems? Pointless and nonexistent. We are only Love.
7. You are infinite. Stop limiting yourself.
8. Nothing is impossible. Absolutely nothing. You may not be capable of doing certain things with this temporary body, but when you become one with the source, you can do anything.
9. Dreams and traveling through consciousness. When you close your eyes, your third eye opens. You are not your body. You don’t need your physical body to travel to other universes. You can travel whenever and wherever, for you are the Universe. You can send your presence to someone and it will travel at a rate you can’t even imagine.
10. Fear? All bullshit. It is an irrational concept. There is no such thing.
11. You don’t care what people think, nor should you care what you think about yourself (negatively). The Universe does not judge.
12. Everything is alive. There is spirit in everything and it is all around you. Imaginary friends are, ironically, very real. Creatures, energies, things you never thought existed are in constant communication with you.
13. Be selfless.
14. The Universe will always provide for you. Learn how to manifest your thoughts and everything will come to you.
15. Words are a bunch of mumbo jumbo. They limit what you really are.
16. Everything happens right now, in this moment. Your past and future are illusions of your mind. Everything only happens in the now.
17. Pain is just energy. Not good or bad, it just is what it is. Notice it, observe it, and it will pass.