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August 22, 2015:
Today, we checked out a cool lava place, then we hitchhiked to Pahoa. Amy and I went to Hilo and met up with Dee and her boyfriend! I was so blissed out! It was so easy to love. I kept hugging and kissing people. I kept telling people “I love you“ over and over again because that was exactly how I felt, so I expressed it. And guess what? The Universe expressed it back to me and I was able to receive it. I understand now. Nothing can hurt me because fear is an illusion.
We met up with the rest of the group in Pahoa and just laughed, smiled, and enjoyed one another’s company. We hitched back to Cinderland. I took my top off in the pick up truck and Dean kept commenting on my boobs the rest of the day. He kept thanking me for my tits.
When we got back to Cinderland Road, everyone kept throwing all these compliments at me about how awesome I was, all the good vibes I had and how when they were around me they all had fun. They enjoyed my comfortableness with nudity and loved how I would spread a great message and make people step out of their own box. They talked about how much they loved my name and how they loved how I was always smiling. I forgot the rest, but as I was getting thrown these compliments, I was like yeah, whatever. I could care less about what my ego wants. I understand now what it means to be humble.
We all chilled in the Goddess dorm for a bit and then once again, I got overridden with compliments. Katie came up to me and made me tear up with the things she said. She told me how I’ve been inspiring her with what I’ve been doing and how my comfort has made her become much more comfortable. She told me how I have this presence that can light anyone, how it shines so brightly and I can adapt to any setting and make people comfortable around me.
Then, we started to hitch to warm ponds. As we were walking, I started to feel so drunk and high off of everyone, but I was sober. We shared so many laughs. I took pictures of the moments. At one point, Brandon moons the camera and I was like oh my God! Let’s do it! So we did, and we all just lost ourselves with laughter. Then a car comes and everyone’s telling me to show my tits. Dean begins to jiggle my boob. So we’re almost by four corners, we get picked up and shoved into the small car. It’s dark when we get there.
We all get out of the car and Dean looks at me and says, “When did you have time to get naked?!“
We all get naked and went swimming and it was the greatest feeling EVER. I love people. Oh my GOD how much I love people. Nothing can bring me down. I feel God all around me. It’s so pointless to judge anything in life. It’s so easy to be selfless and that’s all I want to do! I am not my body! AHH! I AM LOVE.
Life is so good! Nothing has been the same ever since I tripped and experienced the journey inside me. It’s so easy to just be. Life, man. I’m high off it.