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August 26, 2015:
This is my home. I am ‘me’ here. It feels so easy and so natural to be myself. I can be naked. I can nurture and cuddle others and call each one of them “my baby“ and I can say I love you from the bottom of my heart and not be scared! I can sit with my legs open and not wear a bra! I can paint! I can explore! I can laugh about whatever! I can kiss and give massages! I am able to both give and receive. I have the world in my hands! I am anything and everything. There’s only NOW!
I am an octopus. I am a dog. I am a jaguar, a tree, an insect, because there is only right NOW and only ONE energy!
There’s music inside of me. I can hear it when I see someone smile. I hear it when I close my eyes and take a sip of coffee. I hear it when I feel my skin burning from the autumn sun.
I am music.
I am Love.
I Am.
Dude. I know what tattoo I’m getting. It’s going to say “I Am” on my wrists in Sanskrit. Sanskrit because I heard Sanskrit words vibrate things at a certain frequency that the universe vibes with and it reminds me of yoga. “I Am“ because that’s it. That’s all there is in the universe. No sad. No happy. No up. No down. Everything just is. And I am that.
I am not afraid of anything.
I am fearless.