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August 29, 2015:
I can feel so much more when I just close my eyes and feel.
I love falling in love man. THANK YOU UNIVERSE. There was a guy that was at Sirius a couple of days ago. He was with a couple of friends and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. There was something about him. Today, as I was reading Conversations with God, I lifted my head and he was sitting right across from me, and once again, my eyes locked into his presence. It became hard for me to focus. We both had a push to talk to one another.
Finally, he said, “Do you know what toddy is?“
“Yes,” I said, “I just tried it recently, it’s very good.“
“Would you like the rest of mine?” he asked, “I have about half of one left.”
And so the conversation began. He looked like a mixture of Noah’s face, Joey’s body and Tarzan‘s hair. But his eyes—oh my God—his eyes. They had me hooked. His name was Michael Hayes.
He started talking about the duality of life and how we needed to experience the bad to understand the good. He compared it to being wired like a computer but that the negative thoughts we experienced were all invalid and coming from somewhere else because we were only love.
We would talk about life, the Universe, nature, everything! We were contradicting each other’s beliefs and expanding each other’s consciousnesses. He passionately started talking about love and I started to passionately fall in love. We both could feel that we had been through billions of past lives together just by looking into each other’s eyes. I knew him.
I enjoyed watching him speak and then pause, smile, and take a deep breath. Wondrous.
He talked about being constantly mindful, then blew my mind when he asked, “What is beyond God?“
I stood up to share a hug with him, heart to heart. I could feel us. I could feel it… what we had… our connection. He told me he could feel how strong I was and I told him I could feel how strong he was, too. Everything was very slow motion and mindful with him.
I closed my eyes and locked my breath deeply with his as we held one another. I smiled and told him he reminded me of Tarzan. I could feel everything in his body rumble as he laughed. Everything turned to slow motion. He told me I was on the right path. I knew he was as well. I felt as though we were together once. He felt familiar. He felt natural. I love him. He hugged me goodbye, but man, it would have felt more natural to kiss him.
Then, I experienced a synchronicity. He kept saying over and over again how all there is is love and how we are only love. I closed my eyes and kept his words in my heart, and when I opened my eyes, my eyes locked on a sentence in the book: all there is is love.
Michael’s friend, Andrew, looked at me after he left and said, “I felt that connection you both had.”