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July 13, 2016:
I had one of the best birthdays ever. I didn’t want anyone to know it was my birthday today. The only people that knew were Olivija, Ivan and possibly Basil. It was a dream of mine to just spend my birthday like a regular day because every day should be celebrated, not just my birthday. I especially wanted to be sober on my 21st birthday and not make it into a big party thing.
In the morning/afternoon, I started to get a bit antsy. I noticed how my ego was starting to get to me. I started getting a bit upset that people didn’t remember my birthday (the irony of getting upset because I didn’t tell anyone).
So, I decided to spend some time with my own energy so I could relax my mind. I went to town and then decided I wanted to go to Kehena. I met up with a couple of hitchhikers. They were so nice, but I was still in a bummy mood. I could tell I was projecting agitation onto them. They were so friendly, though! They offered me a lilikoi!
Later on, some folks gave me a popsicle. Then, I noticed I kept getting offered mangoes throughout the day. Leaf even shared a mango with me right when I was about to leave. Then at Kehena an elderly man offered me a whole mango which was amazing! So succulent.
It was so nice at the beach. I turned my phone off for the entire day. I felt so connected with everyone and everything around me and then all these magical things started happening, or should I say, I became aware of all the magical things that started happening. People offered me these things called ice cream beans! I think three people offered them to me. Man, even people’s smiles were huge gifts to me. I finally understood the phrase, ‘when you need nothing, you attract everything.’ Because everything I received, for example, a smile from a stranger, was more than enough.
Then, a random guy came up to me and gifted me with some things he found which were two beautiful shells and a pretty hair tie. Another guy hugged me and told me how beautiful I was, as if I just walked out of a dream.
Then, I went swimming in the ocean, and it was my first time body surfing! Afterwards, I decided to start walking home.
I ended up manifesting a ride right when I left Kehena. It was awesome. The man driving me was named Quest. He said he saw me at Kehena and decided to pick me up. He invited me to his place because I told him I really needed to take a shower. I really wanted some wild adventures so I decided to go and it was awesome.
He was building his own place from scratch and I was able to see how it was forming from nearly the beginning stages. I knew I manifested him because I threw out the intention that I wanted to learn how to construct things. So, he offered me a bunch of mangoes. He showed me his mango tree and said a huge branch literally broke because there was an overload of mangoes! I took some and thanked the Universe! He even gave me a little coin! I was so grateful.
Then, I saw him working with his friends and I asked if I could help and they said yes! So, I helped him take cement off some boards. I saw a giant block of cement that was drying.
“I always wanted to put my handprint in some cement,” I implied.
“You can carve your name on the side if you want to,” he suggested.
I was so excited and so I did. Sativa. I once again thanked the Universe.
His goal was to eventually turn the area into a tantra community. He also taught me something about composting! He said if the soil is too dry, it will take longer to compost. If the soil is too wet, it will start to smell and won’t be good for the plants to grow in. It was important that the soil be in the correct environment.
So, I left his place and started walking the Red Road towards Cinderland. Once again, I didn’t hitch because I wanted to explore and be connected with nature and the Universe. I started singing my heart out. I wanted to be able to sing in front of people confidently so I’ve been doing it a lot more by myself.
I kept singing, “Oh baby youuuu, you got what I neeeeed!”
It was awesome. I felt pure. Free. Nothing I had to do. Nothing I had to be. The best part was I felt like I was holding a secret with my best friend—the best friend being me. And the secret I was keeping was that it was my birthday. I was so grateful.
It was cool getting picked up by people and meeting them and them having no idea it was my birthday. It truly felt like an ordinary, magical day. It was also interesting, in the middle of the day I had realized I didn’t get a gift from anyone and I didn’t care. I had no care in the world, but seconds later, I realized I was actually receiving gifts from the Universe all day.
I even learned a lot. I learned that Hawaii has the best climate for us to thrive in. There was so much moisture in the air that I actually stopped using lip gloss and hair conditioner!
I did more exploring as I was walking and found this cool, hidden gray bird, so I stayed with the energy for a little, and then I found some noni fruit as I was walking, so I collected some for Ivan. Then I found a cool crack on the street that resembled a vagina. Afterwards, I went to check out a place called McKenzie Park. It was incredible. Then I got picked up again and got offered tortilla chips. Lastly, I got picked up by a woman and she drove me close to four corners. I wanted to keep hitching, but she told me it was dangerous to hitch at that time. I expected and trusted that the Universe was doing what was best for me. Namaste. Life is good.