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August 3, 2016:
Ivan is a blessing. He does little things that make me appreciate him. He told me how much he loves showing me off. And I know all of these things inflate my ego, but the point is, I felt that I was going to attract someone who would appreciate me the way he does. I remembered how I felt being with Joey and Noah and never feeling appreciated because I didn’t appreciate myself. Joey didn’t even like publicly showing affection. It made me feel as though he was embarrassed to be seen with me. And, he even burned all the love letters I wrote him. With Ivan, I feel safe. I feel protected by him with his caring presence. He is magical.
He once said, “Your very existence sends my mind spiraling in all directions trying to grasp a reality I once held. You appeared out of thin air, lifting the veil and showed what many fear to show and even see. In my world you are a warrior of love and passion. We are in each other’s lives to experience life sought out by billions of souls! Let no day go past with the thought of anything but love on your mind and heart. There aren’t enough words to capture your essence.”
“I’ve dreamt about guys like you,” I replied.
“Stop dreaming, and wake up!” he said with a wink.