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August 27, 2016:
I had an epiphany that shattered my most prized belief. When Ivan was lying next to me, my mind was exploding with numerous questions and I started to think about ACIM. I thought to myself, Wait, illusions create nothing because there’s only one choice, one truth, which means there’s no such thing as pain or suffering in the animal industry. That, too, is all an illusion.
The book was saying that when I choose from the ego, I’m essentially choosing nothing, and therefore creating nothing. The Universe does not accept illusions because they are not real to begin with!
And I’m not going to lie, I had difficulty accepting that thought. I felt as though my most treasured belief just vanished into nothingness. I didn’t even know how to react.
All I’ve been telling people over the years was, “How can you not care about all the suffering/pain/torture happening in the industries?”
I would be adamant about doing things that were only the highest vibration of love, not recognizing that there was only love.
I also learned that forgiveness is simply a learning device. There is nothing to forgive because there is no sin. Forgiveness is simply a stepping stone getting me closer to Truth.