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We all touched the Mexico border to make it official. I felt like crying from excitement and jumping into the unknown. I began hiking alone and it seemed like everyone formed a group, even though most of them started solo. So, I felt kind of left out. I let one group pass and I tried walking directly behind them because I felt nervous, thinking I didn’t know where I was going. It was sweet because one of the guys struck up a conversation with me. He made me feel really included. He even let me walk in front of him. I love people like that. All of a sudden, I felt okay and I immediately let go of any guilty thoughts. And in a way, his presence showed me that I would be okay if I hiked the trail alone.
So, by the time we knew it, we made it to mile marker three! It went by in a jiffy! A guy helped me learn how to readjust my backpack for a better fit and I was so grateful! It made all the difference in the world. The rest of the day, I hiked on and off with people and then decided to crash around 12 PM because I felt pau. I actually felt pau around 6.6 miles, after we got water, but I decided to trek a while longer. I stopped at mile marker 7.4 and decided to cowboy camp.
I waited another 4-5 hours for the sun to set, sitting under my sun umbrella and googling “how to not die in the desert.” But, let me say, it was divine. I had hummingbirds and beetles show up to say hello. It was funny, because several months before I set out to do the PCT, I was psyching myself out about sleeping alone at night in the middle of nowhere. I never thought I would camp without setting my tent up, because I was nervous about the animals. Yet, that night was the most peace I experienced in a long long time. I felt so safe and calm—not even little critters around me gave me anxiety. I felt my Spirit Guides with me so strongly. The serenity only brought ease. I began hiking with the stars at 4:15 AM the following morning.