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I hiked a few hours before the sun rose and I LOVED the experience. I loved looking at the stars and slowly watching it get lighter. I felt so safe. I felt my Spirit Guides. That was another experience I assumed I would be afraid of, that just totally didn’t meet what I expected.
I ended up running into a guy and hiked with him for a while. We saw a baby rabbit and a spiky nature ball which reminded me of a rambutan!
It felt like the first 6 miles were a piece of cake. I decided to take a breakfast break and made myself some noodles. Then I hiked another 2 miles and found a creek which was my next water source.
People made trail signs to help navigate the path by marking their trekking poles in a path like manner along the dirt. I cried when I saw that because I felt so loved and like people cared. It felt symbolic of leading our brothers and sisters home.
While at the water source, I met a redhead girl. Eventually more and more people showed up. The redhead girl and I decided to hike the last 4.6 miles to Lake Morena. I originally wanted to stop right there so I wouldn’t overwork my body, but I thought, What the hell, it’s only another 4 miles! LITTLE DID I KNOW IT WAS GOING UP A MOUNTAIN. I already went up a mountain and I did ANOTHER ONE. Dude, it kicked my ASS. In the beginning, I felt light and playful with my thoughts. I was laughing because I saw how simple it was. I felt clear when I just listened to my body’s cues. If I was hungry, I ate. If I was thirsty, I drank. If I was hurting, I stopped. It was that simple. And then, I hit a heat wave and I began to feel I was pushing myself too hard. I began to feel faint and decided to take my own advice and just stop. I took a 10 minute break and was good to go again.
When I got to Lake Morena, I went to the ranger station and paid them for the night. The ranger was so sweet. He let us leave our bags there while we went to get some burgers!
The guys in the store laughed at me because I ordered a burger and rocky road ice cream. The cook was like, “Do you want the ice cream first?” And I was like yes. It was delicious. A group of us chilled there for a bit. I loved how the trail brought people together in such a casual manner. Hikers would just start walking together or sit next to one another.
One of the guys asked if I was the one who was cowboy camping at 12 PM and I said yes and he was like, “What?! You have more balls than me! I could never do that… I’d be thinking about all the animals.” I told him it was chill and that this one girl told me about it and the worst that happened to her was a mouse ran across her face. Anyways, I sort of bragged about that to Fox and it humbled me because those guys got inspired to cowboy camp the next night and I did, too. We got straight up DRENCHED with condensation.