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This morning I hiked 10 miles to get to the post office and I got to see Derek! He was so excited to see me. Oh my God, there was this one moment where we were hiking together and he approached a beetle on the trail and I was like, “Don’t step on the beetle!” And he was like, “What?” And I was like, “Don’t—“ and he stepped on it. His friend Chris and I gave him so much shit. We were like damn dude. And then he blamed it on me. He said if I didn’t say anything, he wouldn’t have stepped on it. I was like your foot was already heading towards it!!
So, I mailed some stuff out and I went to get breakfast with a guy named Joe. It was really nice talking to him! He told me how he asks everyone the reason for being on the trail and how are usually everyone’s responses were about their own personal journey, but that everyone shared a common experience of “finding” something within themselves.
I noticed I became more extroverted again. I felt okay to come out and play and talk/meet new people. I loved the hiker community so much. I met this one guy who straight up looked like a festival guy and I jumped to conclusions thinking he was. Turned out he wasn’t into the festival scene and would rather spend money on traveling.