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So, we woke up the next morning and hitched back to Paradise. We ordered a burger, but canceled last minute because everything became Divine Timing. Some guy was giving rides back to Warner Springs and that was so perfect because that was exactly where Fox needed to get back to because he left his rental car there. It was also Divine Timing for me because I ran into Jeff! I felt so grateful. I asked him if he wanted to hike the next few upcoming miles with me and he said yes and I felt so comforted.
Later when Fox left, someone in the bigger group initiated a conversation with me and asked my name and I told them I didn’t have a trail name yet and he said, “Stick with us and we’ll give you a trail name, but we won’t promise you it’ll be a good one.” It made me smile because I felt so loved. I felt safe knowing that I could hike with them for a bit if I felt the need.