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So, the Fuller Ridge section was a bit intense. There were people that hiked with me through the tougher sections, so that was helpful! There was an incredible amount of snow.
After that section, I ended up meeting some really sweet people. We got to our campsite and they had a bonfire set up and we got a moment to just catch up and talk.
Some guys randomly showed up about an hour after us and they were so sweet and funny. I felt like this group just came in to tell us jokes and share funny stories by the campfire, and shortly after, they left. One of the guys, Corn Cobb, gave me the name Gluey, because I was eating marshmallow fluff. He had never seen that before and asked if I was eating a jar of glue. Then, they roasted Corn Cobb, because he hadn’t taken a shit in the woods yet. And in his defense, he said he prairie-dogged it for a few hours every morning. It was nice just to share some laughs.