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So, I had a mental breakdown when I was hiking. I ended up getting two massive blisters on my feet, to the point where other people were freaking out. I had 9 miles left & decided to push myself. I noticed the trail would continuously meander into steep uphills followed by steep downhills. I began to curse the trail, questioning the intentions of the people who created it. I began hiking out of pure frustration, shoving my trekking poles into the dirt as I continued to climb yet another mountain. I was crying, barely being able to see where I was walking, but I wanted to be strong. I wasn’t going to let some blisters stop me from getting to my destination. The moment I NOTICED I wasn’t having fun anymore, I told Orange Man I needed a break. We sat down & I got to cry it out. He empathized with me, explaining how he knew my pain because he experienced the same moment in his last thru hike. I felt loved. I was able to slow down & tell someone what was on my mind… how the trail appeared to be pissing me off & how I felt overwhelmed. After I voiced myself, I felt rejuvenated & began to put my bag back on until Orange stopped me & told me to relax & offered to switch bags with me since his was much lighter. TRULY a trail angel. I have been learning to let go of always trying to be strong & instead learn to receive help when it is given. We found a campsite & after we made our food I noticed one of my blisters popped! So Doctor Orange got a needle & took care of them. He popped them & cleaned me up gently. He even gave me a BLUE jolly rancher after the “surgery”! We got to laugh & play & I just felt gratitude for the way the trail provided me with a gift like him. He has been kind, helpful, honest, & pure. I made a spectacular friend & somehow he still enjoys hiking with me despite me waking him up at 4am to get French toast in town! The simple moments… coming to your campsite, undressing, making dinner, sharing your fun & not so fun moments of the day… remembering to stay light, laugh at yourself from time to time… a reminder that the appearance of challenges are happening FOR you, not TO you. Excited for our future hiking shenanigans, love you!