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What an adventure already… my guy flew out here to do 300 miles of the Sierra section with me! 😋 This was intended to be a solo journey, but things happened to shift as I experienced the PCT more personally. Since day 1, I’ve been merging with different groups as I hiked & on other days, I would prefer to be completely alone. 💜 Either way, I witnessed a lot of thoughts come up. I had the mentality that I needed to do everything on my own & be fully independent. I felt that’s what true strength was. YET, I learned to let go of that idea & understand that it’s okay to lean on someone when you feel scared… that it’s okay to ask for help when you feel you need it. There were nights in the desert where I would be shivering cold, despite having the newest & warmest gear from REI. That made me feel INCREDIBLY nervous knowing that I’d be heading into the heaviest snow year for the Sierras & already hearing of a lot of people getting frostbite. 😬 Since Mykolas came here, we’ve already been experiencing intense challenges on the trail, physically AND emotionally. The past few days we’ve been in tears as we experienced the appearance of physical pain & financial issues… yet there is an underlying peace & trust that everything will work out, maybe not in the way we expect, but in a way where we can experience true learning. ✨ In the moments where we felt we were at our lowest, drenched in tears & dirt, that’s when magic occurred unexpectedly. 💫 Whether it be trail angels giving us food & rides or simply being comforted & held & being brought back to a sense of hOMe. 🌲 The PCT has been challenging us to look for the blessing behind the disguise of pain. 💫⛰👣 I wouldn’t change anything… because coming to our campsite, making dinner, & cuddling with my love just shows me that all of those intense moments we experienced were simply glimpses in time. ✨ They were just temporary moments that passed in an instant… & now, we choose again. Between love & ego. Lack & abundance. Trust & doubt. Always learning to let go of expectations when we find things aren’t going “our way”. It’s as simple as letting ourselves trust fall into the arms of God. 💫