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Dear Beloved One,
I feel absolutely blessed to experience a conscious relationship with you. I dreamt of being with a man that I could communicate with… about my fears… about the desires I appear to have. Through you, I am being reminded of living in a space of unconditional love in EACH moment. I love the way you hold space for me to be vulnerable… the way you remind me that it is all okay & that I am safe to share my thoughts & feelings. I have always felt protected by your touch, by laying within your arms as you caress me. I appreciate your ability of listening to me all ways, seeing through the words I use on the surface, & being able to tap into the energy instead. I find strength in that you choose not to victimize with me, but rather, helping me awaken to new ways of perceiving… “seeing through God’s eyes”… I love you for showing me how to let go of this image I hold of the world. You remind me how to re-center into a place of wholeness & self-worth. Thank you for gently leading me hOMe. I remember calling out for a guy who would love to venture through the book “A Course in Miracles” & you came into my reality & fell in LOVE with it. I feel blessed by God that we can study together & see through all that we perceive. I love that we can come to one another for the purpose of healing our mind. I am forever grateful that we can express… through play, laughter, sadness, frustration, dancing, making love! It seems as if we can always let consciousness move through us… being allowed to express our curiosity all ways. You are my miracle. I love you, darling.