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So I got to the Rim Village in Crater Lake. It’s a fancy place for tourists. I walked straight up a mountain in the heat of the day just to get to the parking lot. Once I got there, the cars driving in let me pass through cause I looked like death, completely soaked in sweat & basically gasping for air. I made it up to the village cafe, covered in dirt & smelling Iike a pit toilet. I cried to myself, feeling completely exhuasted & done with life. When I went inside people looked at me as if I was homeless & stood far away from me, giving me dirty looks. To give the perception of homelessness even more, I went to throw out the trash I was carrying on trail & 30 mins. later I realized I accidentally threw out my debit card as well since I was holding everything in both hands. So, I literally took out this giant trash can in the middle of the village & started looking for my card AS people were throwing more trash in, ONLY to realize my debit card was in my back pocket. 😭 fucking dead.