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I feel as though I’ve been in a vortex of “receiving” in this small town. I got a ride with a guy who offered to buy me any amount of food I desired. He even said he’d pick me up at the next town & feed me just to keep my belly full for a couple of days! We ate together & I felt grateful sharing stories & experiencing the kindness of strangers. He even gifted me around 10 big gatorade bottles! 🙏🏻 ❤️ I hung out at the cafe for a few hours & got to meet more people who asked a string of questions about my journey. I never fail to get excited to share! 🥰 One of the women I talked to even said she would start picking up hikers if she sees them hitchhiking because she doesn’t feel so intimidated anymore & can see that they’re just tired from walking all the way from Mexico. 😂 Later, I was conversing with a fellow thru-hiker & mentioned how my headphones broke & that I would be purchasing new ones. He pulled out a ziploc baggie with brand new headphones & handed them to me saying it was his spare & that I could keep them. They were even better than my first!! Later, I saw some hiker girls that I saw on the trail the past few days. I got a huge vibe that for some reason they didn’t like me… I was getting the perception of being ignored when I tried having a conversation with them or sharing a break spot with them. Yet, this time, I felt myself put my perceptions aside & start anew. I sat with them at the picnic table, feeling light & offered them some yummy snacks. We chit chatted & I felt at ease. At the end of the day, I hung out in the back with everyone & just before I went to bed, I got offered a big, hot slice of pizza!! 😍 🙈 Ended the night watching the clouds morphing into patterns & talking to my sweetheart over the phone with a warm feeling in my heart telling me I was exactly where I needed to be… fully worthy of receiving, as we all are. ❤️