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Yesterday, I got picked up by a trail angel named Raymond. He offered to bring me to his house & cook me up some homemade burgers & peanut butter cookies cause he wanted to help motivate me to keep walking to Canada. I cannot even describe how delicious these burgers were. 😱 I even got TWO. The cookies his wife made MELTED in my mouth & she gave me a giant ziploc baggie of them so I could take them along on the trail with me. They got devoured before I even got on trail. 😅 He even let me shower & do laundry – one of a hiker’s favorite tasks to do before getting back into the wilderness! Thank you, Raymond for giving me a taste of home. ❤️ I didn’t have a place to stay for the night, but at the last minute, I called Aardvark Express to ask if I could camp near his restaurant & he said I could come at any time & that’s what it’s here for. ❤️ I camped in the middle of his place with another hiker who came late at night as well, feeling absolutely grateful. I love how supportive & helpful people are for pct hikers. I don’t know what it would be like without all of you. 🙈😍