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A guy named Ed who picked me up hitchhiking last week offered to buy me a meal at the next town that I’d be passing. So he met me at Snoqualmie & drove me an hour & a half away to his town. We got to his place & he said he wanted to give me a ride on his Harley. The moment I got on it & felt the wind, I got brought back to the way I felt in Hawaii. Taking cruises along the road & enjoying what was in front of me. ❤️ He bought me a delicious greasy burger with a tall stack of onion rings. We cruised in his car for a couple hours & I felt the warm air upon my face & all I could think about was how I was exactly where I needed to be. I find it interesting how safe & relaxed I feel in the presence of “strangers”… I find myself comparing my energy back in Chicago to when I’m out on the road or on an adventure. Most of the time when I’m with my actual family driving or spending time together, I find myself tuning into my body’s energy field & I notice there’s tension. I do the same practice when I’m somewhere in the middle of the world with a stranger & I feel lightness… almost as if I’m just free to be myself, in whatever form that may be. Thank you, Ed for taking care of me. Thank you for the cruises, the food, the adventures, & thank you for donating money to support my journey. ❤️