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Man, I have been feeling so frustrated… 😪 I’m pretty upset with the way Washington turned out for me. The last section I just did felt completely worthless. Lots of people have been hyping up Washington & that “the views just get better & better”, & yet somehow, each time I decided to start hiking, it just rained. It rained for 5 days in a row & I couldn’t see more than 10 feet in front of me due to clouds… In a way, I’m pretty used to it cause that’s all I’ve gotten out of Washington. The only time I had views was in Goat Rocks Wilderness. I just think it is one of the worst feelings to be climbing mountains all day, make it to the top numerous times, only to still be enveloped by clouds. 😕 To top it off, it was 45° & raining the entire time. I would be rattling my teeth from being so cold, even during a steep climb. All of my things were fully soaking wet, including my sleeping bag. I would wake up shivering & was on the verge of asking people to share a tent with me. People were setting camp at 10am in fear of getting hypothermia. The terrain didn’t help either. Seemed like it was washed out & most of the time it was so narrow that you would have to walk heel to toe or just create your own path through the bushes. And of course, I make it to town & not even an hour into being here it decides to be hot & sunny the day I’m not hiking. The next couple days that I am hiking are rainy again & I feel completely unmotivated because this is supposedly another “breath-taking” section. I swear, sometimes it feels like things are against me.