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I’ve been taking a few days off trail & am spending it staying at my dad’s employee’s house. He’s a very fun character & has made me feel very at home. Yesterday night, we had the place to ourselves. We shared dinner & he began to ask about my family life. It felt very comfortable to communicate with an open heart. I found myself opening up about a lot of personal stuff & I saw the places where I was still hurting about the way my parent’s marriage turned out & how much it appeared to impact the perceptions of my relationships. He seemed to be very receptive & asked questions about how my parents feel about me leaving for the PCT & quitting my job because “it’s not what my heart wanted”. I told him they didn’t take it well & he seemed to get very tense & took their side, commenting how he agrees & that it’s stupid to do stuff like follow my heart since that is not something that will keep me financially stable. I even got the perception that he found it hilarious & began to say that it’s just not realistic. Today, he had guests over & he began talking about my journey on the trail & it seemed as if something shifted in him. He began with the same talk about how I’m crazy & if I were his kid he would think I was dumb. Then, in a matter of a couple seconds he goes, “No. I wouldn’t think you were dumb. I WAS you. But then somewhere along the way, we learn to feel like we need all this ‘stuff’. We begin to become creatures who ‘want’. I want this car, I want this house, I want this TV, & then we’re just left in this state of ‘wanting’ & then you FORGET who you are & what REALLY matters. I support you, I really do, because you are able to follow your heart despite what everyone else says. When I look back to when I was like you, I remember I was HAPPY. You ask me now, fuck no, I’m not happy… You know, Goda, fuck them. Fuck them all! Keep doing you & just ignore anyone who tells you you’re doing it wrong, even me.” I felt that experience was very beautiful because I was able to witness him go through a wave of his thoughts. Looking back on it, it almost seems as if we often project onto people that which we feel we don’t have & in this case it seems as if he just missed following what felt true to him. I reminded him he always has that choice & he was reminding me to keep moving in the direction of my Spirit. I LOVE getting all these beautiful reminders, no matter what part of the world I happen to be in. Words of wisdom in a stranger’s kitchen! Woo-hoo! 😝