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Last month when I hitched to Ashland, I went to have breakfast immediately & sat outside & this woman decided to sit at the table next to me. We began to talk & I could tell the vibe we had together was complete heart energy! We began talking about our lives & I found out she also lived in Hawaii & that just brought me so much joy. I felt like I was tapping back into that aloha energy. So we ate together & she surprised me by paying for my meal. :’) She even offered me a shower at her place & drove me to the post office to grab my resupply! She had to leave for work overnight so gave me the whole house to myself. She let me shower, do my laundry, watch movies & use anything from her kitchen to make myself food. I cannot even explain the gratitude I have for people like her. She felt complete trust in a “stranger”. I absolutely loved feeling her joy in the way she talked about her daughter & shared all these funny & crazy stories with me. Before she took me back, I asked her if she wanted to become a trail angel & she gladly said yes!:) So, she plans on helping out the rest of the thru-hikers as they come through Ashland as best as she can. I strive to help people out in ways like this… still thinking about her.