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April 24th – September 24th 💫 I walked from Mexico to Canada – 2,653 miles… feels surreal… doesn’t feel as though I “did” anything; seemed as if this whole experience simply moved through me like a vessel. Walking this trail was one huge lesson about living in the moment. I got to meet THE most amazing people… I felt like I was a part of this wild, soul-searching, nature-loving family… Would I do it again? Yes, however, now that I know more about what it’s like, I would do it completely differently. For one, I wouldn’t let my ego guide me. I would want to be fully immersed in the moment… without feeling like I had to finish by a certain time. If I got a second chance, I would take 3+ years to hike the PCT. I would hike a small section at a time, stop at my favorite towns & work there for a few months & then hike another small section. I feel like that would be more honest with following my heart & appreciating the overall experience of the trail/people. Regardless, this trail has left gifts & miracles within the depths of my soul that I will carry with me forever. Mahalo for the journey! 🍃 🏔 👣 ⛺️