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Segment 2: Today I accidentally walked 19 miles. I planned to only make it a 10-12 mile day to ease myself in, but as I know, things never go as planned. 😅 There wasn’t going to be a water source for quite some time so everyone was trying to make it to the fire station. The firefighters offer water for the hikers (thank you so much).

On my way there, I walked directly into a thunderstorm which I kind of had no choice about. There were no campsites around even if I wanted to set up. 😂 I was smiling through it all, though. It felt so refreshing & it rained in the perfect section (exposed burn area).

I got to meet a lot of hikers, most of them were between ages 45-75 so that was really cool. I met some awesome guys at the spigot that were section hiking & about to ride back home. Then, I had to hike just a wee bit more to get to the campsite & I just barely made it when the thunderstorm hit again! ⚡️ ⛈

I also ended up beginning my moon cycle as the full moon was approaching!!! 🌝 Talk about alignment. So, I celebrate being alive & being able to feel this beautiful state so intimately.