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Segment 3-4: Completely annihilated by Mother Nature today. 😅 I walked into another thunderstorm, which turned into a hailstorm, which completely flooded our path. We were walking uphill for what felt like ages & the water was just streaming through our shoes. Oh goodness. I did have a thought, though… about how I would still choose days like this over being at an office in front of a computer working 9-5. In these experiences when I am cold, wet, hungry, & bleeding all at the same time, it reminds me of the strength I hold. It reminds me that it is all in my mind & that I have the power to register the experience in either a sense of victimization or empowerment & trust.

I also met my first tramily today & got my trail name “Big Red”, due to wearing red, having red hair, & being on my moon. 😂 I also planned on buying hot tamele candies in town so that will go well with it lol. What was so awesome about this tramily is that all of us in the photo are solo hikers & each person just merged in… & that’s how it works guys. ❤️ I always tell people I hike solo, which IS my intention, but then you just meet so many awesome people on the trail that you don’t hike alone for long. I love how it is very much like childhood, too. People just start talking to you, or ask if you want to hike together.

I met another girl prior who saw me from a bit away & she was so excited & asked if I wanted to have lunch with her by the creek. I caught up to her & we just hit off like best friends. She went to wash up in the river, we laughed at our struggles, we shared our insights & then we separated ways. ❤️

It reminds me to appreciate every single person so much because you never know when you will see them again.