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End of segment 5: Today I started hiking around 5:45am to make it into town & get my laundry done. I honestly wanted to do it in Breck, but I only had one pair of dry socks sooo it was time. I thought I’d get back on trail but then I looked at the weather & it said thunderstorms the next 10 days. So, I decided to grab a room in a super sweet family owned hotel & dry off.

A couple of women saw me hiking & were fascinated that I was a thru-hiker & asked to take a picture with me. They ended up driving me to FairPlay & were so much fun to talk to the whole way there. My favorite part was that they used a paper map. Thank you, Laveta, for taking care of me & getting me to a much needed omelette. ❤️

Apparently FairPlay is where the creator of Southpark lived so there were a lot of south park references. I went to a lovely diner called Brown Burro Cafe & the workers were so inviting & accommodating. I felt self conscious for a moment because I came in with such a huge backpack looking like a homeless person. It attracted a lot of attention. But, I think I misread the energy. Instead, I had many people come up to me, fascinated & inspired that I was hiking the CT. It was actually really adorable & made me feel so loved. A couple people offered me a place to stay once I finished. One woman said I could stay at her 35 acre land & she will feed me & give me a ride to wherever I needed. I always believed in the kindness of strangers. 🙏🏻

I sat at the restaurant, having no desire to touch my phone. I just people watched. I loved seeing everyone in their routines. The “regulars” that came in. The way the servers danced around the restaurant. The smiles people made as they took their first bite. I thought to myself “it couldn’t hurt to hang out here for the day”. ❤️