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I feel more lost in Illinois compared to when I am on the trail. If you talk to other travelers/backpackers, it is a very shared feeling.
On trail, there’s only the trail. There’s not much to think about… all you have is your home on your back & the trail in front of you.
Very often people think I’m a nut job for doing this sort of stuff, but to me, it feels like the most sane thing one can do. Anybody can take one step at a time, day by day.
I am a huge advocate for backpacking because it teaches you how to still your mind & bring back the simple things in life. The smell of a blooming flower, the chill of a morning breeze, the taste of fresh mountain water.
You stop thinking so much about yourself.
On trail everyone smells, everyone is hairy, everyone is dirty, there’s not much you can do. No one cares. No one is looking at your pimples, your unpolished nails, your caveman hair. People on trail are the nicest, most down to earth people I have ever met. Hikers just see you… they see your soul, your passion, your desire, your inspiration, none of that other nonsense.
…& that’s why I’m here. To be around like-minded people. I realize that over & over again. I want simplicity. I don’t want a fancy car, a fancy house, a fancy guy. I just want this. 👣🏔🏕