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Segment 6: Mo, Bubbalicious, Fur, Funky Chicken, & Big Red reunited!!! 😍 I hitched a ride to Kenosha, walked 3 miles & found them as they were packing up! I cannot explain the amount of excitement I experienced when I saw my tramily. I gave them all hugs & snacks from town & we began our trek. 🥰

I felt as though I took laughing gas today or maybe I was high from the altitude. I could NOT stop laughing for the life of me. I felt joy that I have not experienced in a long long time. It felt so clear to me that you can laugh through your apparent misery & the pain you find yourself experiencing will transform because you’re not taking it seriously.

Mo was cracking me up the most because he was completely out of energy whereas I felt like I could run a marathon. I was like “come on guys!!! Let’s HIKE THIS MOUNTAIN,” & I would start doing lunges & Mo would give me evil eyes & be like “BIIIITCH get your ass over here so I can hit you with these trekking poles.” 😂 The whole situation of us was too funny. Every time we would start walking, we would moan & groan in pain. Any time we dropped something & had to pick it up we looked like old people bending over with bad knees. Mo kept tripping over every root & rock which was hilarious to me because it reminded me of my days on the PCT. As Chaplin stated, “life is a comedy misinterpreted as a tragedy.”

After we summited Georgia Pass (11,875), we tried booking an air b&b in Breck & found one that had a hot tub so I suggested we have an orgy. 😏

We had a break a few hundred feet below the summit & massaged our feet & ate lunch for a good hour. We teased Mo because he would just be soaking himself in the sun & when it was time to go, he just stared at his pack as though he was trying to summon the courage to throw it on. 😂

Altogether, we hiked 20+ miles today. We set up camp next to a small creek & Fur lent me his ass pad (thank the lord). It felt like old times. Just sitting around talking, sharing funny stories & jokes that made us cry from laughing so hard. No tv necessary… just companionship, good food & a passion for adventure. ❤️