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This tramily has been a God-sent, I swear. It’s amazing how we have known each other less than a week & from day one it has been obvious that they have been family.

This morning in Breck, we stood in line for an hour to get crepes (worth it). Then, we went shopping for gear/clothing to prepare for thunderstorms in the mountains. I even bought myself the perfect hiker dress!! We went to the post office to send ourselves packages & then resupplied at the grocery store.

Mo decided to surprise us with some beyond awesome trail magic: a free pass at a resort that he partially owns!!! We soaked in the hot tubs & steam room for HOURS. Yes, with our hiker clothes because it was either that or go naked. 😂

Mo grilled us some burgers & hot dogs & we even got some free drink passes. I didn’t drink but I went to go get everyone their drinks just so I could flirt with the cute bartender.

Then, we took a bus back to town & we went to get Funky her vegan cupcake. 🧁 Bub & I danced in the streets of Breck & I felt at home. 🥰 We made it back to our air b&b & I made us some popcorn & toaster strudels. Mo planned out our slackpack day for Copper Mountain & we called it a night. ❤️