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Segment 7: Mo, Funky, Glitter Bug & I slackpacked up to a summit of 12,489’. My legs began to tingle & I found it pretty hard to breathe. We got there just in time for Glitter Bug & I to take our tops off for a picture. I am so surprised I have never done that on the PCT. Very unlike me. 😂

We got hit by a giant hail storm while still having to do around 6 miles. I remember smiling a lot. My perception of being in the rain has shifted tremendously. I learned to love being wet for it helps me appreciate the sun so much more. I also love the scent the earth gives off after a fresh rainstorm.

We made it to the highway & I danced & did yoga poses for the cars as I hitchhiked. We got a ride by a guy who thru-hiked the AT a few years back!! So badass!! He drove us to the hostel we were staying at (The Bivvy). Incredible place. Phenomenal host. One of the best hostels I stayed at. The tramily & I, along with some fellow thru-hikers & travelers soaked in the hot tub for several hours. Then, Bryce’s dad gave us some trail magic by buying everyone burgers & fries!! 😱 We feasted.

My night ended by sleeping with a guy who was traveling internationally. Found him quite intriguing, or maybe it has just been a while. Regardless, I feel my tramily is pretty happy that my hormones are a bit more calmed down now. 😂