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I have learned the ways of following my intuition… listening attentively to where I am feeling guided. I’ve always been good at going with the flow. It is the way that I “plan” things… doesn’t mean it’s easy every time.
I parted ways with the rest of my tramily today because I feel called to amp up my miles & get into a couple more trails before summer ends. I gave Mo a hug goodbye once I finished packing my bag. I became overwhelmed with sadness. I said goodbye to Funky & I am glad she didn’t get out of her tent because the tears were beginning to form. For a good 2 miles of walking, I was just crying. I understand now why people sometimes prefer to end things bitterly, that way they don’t feel like they’re leaving something behind. Not in this case.
It’s mind-blowing how sometimes you meet people who just feel like home. As though you found your tribe. You know what the funny thing is, too? All of us were incredibly different from one another. Our life experiences, the way we handled things… even our beliefs about the world were incredibly conflicting, but we never let that taint our perception of one another.
Why is it so hard for us all to just love one another no matter what we believe or what kind of vision we have of the world? We are fragile… we are human… we all deserve to be treated with only Love, for wouldn’t you want the same?
To my tramily: I will never forget any of you. You made a BIG impact on my heart. I will think of you often & I feel nothing but gratitude for the Divine crossing of our paths.
P.S. I expect us to have a reunion. How about Breckendridge? 😏