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(Collegiate West): Today’s trek up several passes was motivated by Professor giving me kisses throughout the day… inflicting into my mind what he was daydreaming about doing to me later.
The passes were tough. There were 5 of them, all just under 13,000’. I thought my lungs were going to give out. But, I am the type of hiker that takes my sweet ass time on the uphills. I am like a turtle. I am steady with my footsteps, pacing my breathing & slowing down a notch if it becomes too challenging.
Lots of people think you have to be this speedy hiker, but I learned throughout the PCT that that is not the case. The days I was doing 40 miles, I took double to triple zeros which got me nowhere. Whereas when I took it steady, I still ran in to the people that appeared to be going really fast.
Anyways, I hiked alone for most of the day & listened to music. I drew hearts in the dirt using my trekking poles/rocks so Professor would know where to find me. He caught up to me several hours later & we cuddled up in his tent with his dog, Kuiper. He wrote poetry about me in his journal & I fell asleep smiling. ❤️