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(Collegiate West): Walked about 12 miles to the trailhead with pizza as my motivator. There was a road walk detour we had to take in direct sunlight & I felt as though I was going to cry from how hungry I was. 😂
We made it to the trailhead, greeted by Professor’s close friend, who so kindly gifted us with homemade banana bread, snickers, & cold water. I ate four loaves & felt as though my soul became rejuvenated. He gave us a ride back to the air b&b they were staying at & we did our laundry & all of us knocked out for a couple of hours. We drove to Moonlight Pizza (OMG 🤤). Once again, I experienced new depths of pleasure through hiker hunger.
They drove me to Safeway to resupply & I called a close friend from back home & it felt so heart-warming to hear her voice & reconnect for as little as we did. ❤️ Looks like she’ll be flying out to do the Uinta trail with me. 😏 @quinnyjojo
They drove me back to where I left off, I put my pack on once I shoved all my food in & yelled “fuuuuck meeee”. It felt as though it was 80 pounds. 😂 I found a campsite a mile up the hill & set up camp. It was the first time I saw the stars at night because I usually fall asleep before it gets dark. I felt so at home in my heart looking into the abyss of sparkling angels in the night sky… healing my mind further. 🏕✨🌟
So, I am hiking solo again, however it seems I cannot do that for long. There are so many lovely people that I keep crossing paths with & so much appreciation for those that I have already met along this journey. Excited to see where my feet will take me. 👣🏔🏕✨