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(End of Collegiate West; Segment 15-18): Yesterday I began hiking solo again which lasted about 7 minutes before I ran into a girl named Hot Sauce. It seems the trail does not want me to hike alone. 😂 I keep running into badass people so all I can say is it’s a blessing.
Hot Sauce & I hit it off right away. We had the same flow with how fast we hiked & how long we took our breaks. To top it off, we had some really insightful conversations about life. We got to know each other like sisters. We laughed, we nearly cried from the tough terrain, we immersed in the beauty of our surroundings. Perfect companion. ❤️
Today, I woke up early & tried getting in as many miles as possible before the heat of the sun hit. I walked through cow pastures for several miles with no water. The cows scared the absolute bejeezus out of me. They just had this eerie vibe & would do a synchronized stare as I walked by. I did get to see a herd of elk for the first time which was beyond incredible!!!
I met a couple of cuties whose names were Buckles & Point. We kept running into each other as we hiked & ended up having a lunch break together. By the end of the day we decided we would camp together by the creek. I was by the 300 mile marker as Buckles came down the road singing, “Have you ever seeeeen the rain?!” My heart smiled. 🥰
We walked down the road together as a biker rode by & let us know there was trail magic up ahead. We were absolutely relieved because we haven’t had water for several miles & felt quite dehydrated. The trail Angel happened to be Susie Q, the administrator of the FB group for the Colorado Trail Thru-Hike. We were gifted beer, pop, ice cream & water so we wouldn’t have to filter cow poop water again. She even took all of our trash so we wouldn’t have to carry it. Thank you so SO much. 🙏🏻
The night ended with washing our dirty faces in the creek. We set up camp & the boys had debates about which hot sauce would win in a fight, did spongebob impressions (chocolate episode), played the harmonica, smoked a joint & I felt an eternal peace in my heart basking in absolute simplicity with friends I feel I have known for lifetimes.
Life is good. ❤️