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I met an amazing woman at the hostel I’m staying at, named Bambi. She has been passionately telling me stories about her son hiking the CDT. She calls him her trainer because he inspired her to go out & hike the CT. I thought that was the most badass thing. I would kill for my parents to experience something like this with me rather than just assuming I’m crazy.
She said, “I wanted to physically experience walking a mile in my son’s shoes so I could better understand him.” God, I think that’s HUGE. We grow by keeping an open mind & trying new things rather than staying in a place of judgement.
We went to a bakery together & I got myself a ham & cheese roll. The bystanders were asking me what it was because I was moaning in pleasure from its deliciousness. We did some resupplying at the grocery store. There was a super cute local guy with long curly blonde hair. I lost a lot of my flirting skills from being in the middle of the woods so the most that came out was, “I like your hair”, followed by some awkward staring. As soon as he payed for his beer & left, I told the store clerk ladies “wow, he was gorgeous,” & they had the audacity to open the window & yell “SHE THINKS YOU’RE GORGEOUS!!!” Oh my goodness, my face turned so red. 😂
We went to the mountain store & I got some toilet paper & electrolyte tablets from the hiker box so you can bet your ass I scored. Tried some root beer made in Colorado; tasted like Heaven.
Went out with the boys to grab a bacon cheeseburger for dinner, was still hungry so we went to get ice cream. The lady gave me a cup of whipped cream. 🤤 & now… I am trying to enjoy my time relaxing until I get back on trail tomorrow… but boy, I can see the views of the mountains from here & they are calling my name to come back hOMe. 🏔👣✨