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Segment 22-23: Grabbed breakfast with the boys & hitched a ride back to Spring Creek Pass. Hiked with Andy & James & set up camp suuuuper early. I made them a special meal which they loved. I’ve been told it’s better than some mountain house meals. 😏
Today, I reached the high point of the CT. I was so worried about it due to having altitude issues, but it was definitely one of the easier passes. ❤️🥰
It felt like I had the San Juan’s all to myself. It was what I wanted, but I felt super emotional & really began to experience a feeling of missing my friends. My moon cycle should be starting in a day so I know that’s part of it, too.
I met a group of people & one of the couples mentioned how they hiked the pct back in the 80’s. Now THAT’S the real deal. They said how it took them 6 months because there was no such thing as ultralight & they estimated only about 30 people that hiked it. Now it is so popular that you have to get permits & they limit it to 50 people a day that can start in Mexico (which is a crazy lot).
The rest of the day was tough. I was constantly going up & down passes which quickly drained my energy. I got caught in another hail storm. Of course, it had to be in an exposed section. (I miss trees. 🥺) The second I saw an ice ball, I immediately set up my tent & BARELY made it. The wind was so strong my tent almost blew away. Then, I sort of panicked. I was wet/cold & hypothermia thoughts began to creep in. I really missed my friends in that moment or just the presence of a person to make it seem like I wasn’t experiencing it alone.
I also learned about recognizing when to stop. There were storms surrounding me, but I noticed I kept saying to myself “just 2 more miles, just over the summit, just the next water source.” I know it’s okay to push myself, but it’s also super important to know when to not fuck with the elements. ⛈