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Segment 28: Today was my last full day on the CT. I have 5 miles left to the finish line & I don’t want the trail to end. I plan on waiting for my tramily to make it to Durango so we can celebrate & take a zero together. In the meantime I plan on doing a short 60-90 mile thru-hike. ❤️
I had a funny moment when I hit Kennebec Trailhead. I ran into a lot of day hikers/tourists & I straight up looked homeless compared to them. They would walk by me & they would smell like clean laundry. It’s interesting when you’re in the woods for so long & you come across those scents, they are actually very displeasing.
I got excited to see a water source & I expressed that excitement as I was walking beside a family that was out on a stroll. I shouted “MY WATER SOURCE!” It was this tiny trickling mud stream of water & I could tell by their facial expressions that they were just thinking to themselves “wtf”. They ended up walking ahead of me & climbed up a small hill while I collected my water. I stood over the stream with the sawyer filter shooting the water flow into the back of my throat as I took big gulps. After I finished, I looked over to the hill to see them standing there staring at me in disbelief & I couldn’t help but start laughing out loud. It was a moment that so clearly showed me that I was watching a movie of myself.
Today’s views were absolutely spectacular. I thought about my brother a lot, feeling he would be thrilled to mountain bike on this section of the trail. I thought about my family in general today. Sometimes I long for them to try something like this with me. Maybe, it would give them a different perspective of their personal battles.
…& now, I’m lying in my tent & it feels weird knowing that my journey with the CT is almost over. The summits have been passed, the friends I made are either still on their journey or heading in another direction. Bittersweet to say the least. 🙏🏻🏔🌲👣