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I made it to the finish line early this morning!!! 🎊🎉 #500miles It’s funny, I look back to my post when I first started in Denver with the caption “CT, I’m coming for you!” Not recognizing at the time, the CT was coming for me. It’s so true that it’s ourselves we conquer, not the mountains.
I would do it all again. Every step. Every thunderstorm. I would drink the cow poop water again. I would climb Fucker Hill again. All of those moments were fleeting… passing by in the blink of an eye.
Mahalo CT, for a life-altering experience. It is unbelievable how much I discovered about myself in just 3 weeks. I know the lessons will be forever in my heart. Mahalo for helping me become stronger in my mind & in my character. I have discovered a confidence in myself that I didn’t know I had. A hui hou, Colorado. 👣🏔🌲 ~Big Red