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I will always believe in the kindness of strangers. I met a woman named Lisa back in Southpark when I was beginning the CT. Her son picked a conversation with me about my hike & they both were super inspired & offered me a place to stay when I finished.
Yesterday, she met me in Durango & drove me to her home in the middle of the woods… a pine forest of 35 acres. Her son, Tucker, was the sweetest & most polite kid to be around. She told her son to never pick up hitchhikers, under no circumstances whatsoever, but she broke that rule with me.
I didn’t even know how to accept everything she did for me. She gifted me healing balm for my feet, toothpaste, feminine products, lotions, bath salts, you name it. She let me shower & had facial/body scrubs for me that smelled like strawberries. She let me do my laundry & made me not one, but two burgers. They gave me a variety of snacks & offered to make me grilled cheese sandwiches if I was still hungry.
I felt so beyond loved & taken care of & they wouldn’t let me help them with anything. They just wanted me to relax & eat a bunch of food & enjoy some TV. Tucker showed me a show called Dual Survival. He showed me things he caught hunting (HE’S 12 😱). Lisa & I had some personal conversations. Part of why I love meeting strangers. It’s easy to get real about the shit that’s bothering you. She gave me some awesome advice & I felt I was in a dream. A spirit coming in human form to remind me of how loved I am.
I packed my bag this morning & got ready to go on another hike. They both seemed disappointed I wasn’t going to stay another night. I don’t know what it is, but I have a really hard time receiving things. I start feeling as though I am being intrusive in some way, but she let me know that wasn’t the case at all.
We went on a breakfast date & I ended up staying one more night & she made me hot dogs & salsa. This was the first time I felt truly full on the trail. ❤️
Mahalo Lisa & Tucker for such generous hospitality. I hope I can one day give to you what you gave to me. I love you both dearly & you always have a place to stay back in my town. ❤️ A hui hou.