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I woke up to the wolves howling; sounded no more than a mile away. Opened up my tent to see a bright full moon. Reminded me of Hawaii. 🌋🌕
I’d say the first 15 miles of the hike really tested my patience. The trail didn’t seem maintained whatsoever. The amount of bushwhacking & down trees I had to walk over & around was more than I ever experienced, approximately every 50 feet. My clothes were drenched from the first ten steps I took out of my tent. Ripped a bunch of holes in them from all the bushwacking. Slipped in mud at least 7 times (not sure how people hike without trekking poles). I am very grateful I paid for the All Trails map on my phone because there was no way I would have found the trail. It was all over the place & I got lost at least 10 times. At times there would be a few rock stacks I could count on but even those weren’t reliable.
But the moment the sun came out & I started seeing people again, I felt all warm & bubbly inside. At the end of the day, I am still doing something I love. My anxiety has diminished immensely just by being out in nature & on my phone way less. My thoughts have become more quiet & I find myself able to brush things off a lot easier.