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Today I came back from the Weminuche forest area & road walked for a couple of miles. I got picked up by a sweet older man named William who was on his way to church. He had a passion for horseback riding & says he chose to live in Durango because he was always drawn to the mountains & appreciated the way they humbled him. His son David also hiked the PCT a few years back. 👣🏔
I hung out in town for several hours & journaled/called friends back home. I also wanted to check to see how far my tramily was from the finish line since I still plan to see their beautiful faces. Worth the wait. ❤️
I ate 2 pizzas before noon & went to the rug shop nearby. I became best friends with the owner, Nadeem! He was the sweetest man. He let me just hangout with him & his employees as we talked stories & joked about life. He mentioned having faith in God & the good in the world & that’s when I knew I really vibed with him. He offered me his home for the night & said in the 4 years that he’s lived here he has never let anyone spend the night. Thank you for being so open & trusting me in your space, Nadeem. ❤️
He took me out to Baskin Robins cause I’m a sucker for their cookies & cream ice cream. Then, he took me out to an amaaazing burger joint just by his house. I devoured my meal in probably less than 2 minutes, while still savoring each bite. 😋