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I got a table at Carver Brewing Co. as I waited for part of my tramily to show up! They offer free beer for thru-hikers!! I asked if I could get a local root beer instead. For some reason I don’t drink when I’m traveling. I met an awesome group of people sitting across me who picked a conversation. They plan on hiking the AT next year!!! I told them I’d see them out there. ❤️ Then, I met some guys who asked about my lifestyle & were super inspired. It’s either that or people assume I’m homeless. 😂 They ended up surprising me by paying for my meal. I seriously have been getting to the point where I cannot believe how generous & kind humans are… it is astonishing.
So then Bubbly & my other friends showed up!! Bubbly, congrats on finishing!!!! 🎉🎊🥳 I am so beyond proud of you. I cannot explain the euphoria I experienced seeing your face. I kept thinking to myself “this is what it feels like to love someone unconditionally.”
I love you so so deeply. You made such an impact on me. You were here for me in so many ways & taught me so many things just by being you. I am sure our paths will align again. No doubt about it.
It felt so good to just share a meal together & talk about trail romances & poop shovels for longer than we needed. We got ice cream & talked to a couple outside who seemed moved by our thru-hike, but pretty sure we scared them off as they heard our trail talk. I realized how crazy we must sound to people when we use our trail names & talk about our daily experiences in the mountains with trail angels & magic… pretty sure people think we’re on drugs half the time. 😂